Yes me, but my opinion is not the opinion of the publisher. I am utterly gobsmacked by the astonishingly bad refereeing in the ADL v CCM match tonight.

Three penalties against the Mariners and not one of them correct. How on Earth does the better team get beaten like that? The Mariners were all over the Reds tonight and even Stefan Mauk admitted that the first penalty should never have been given.

As for the third…

I never bag individual referees but I have to say, my heart sank a little tonight when I saw Kurt Ams was the VAR official. I have very little confidence in his interpretation of the rules but even my darkest fears had nothing on the hideous reality as it unfolded tonight.

Stefan Mauk admitted at halftime he went down in anticipation of a foul that didn’t come, but Ams told the referee to confirm a penalty.

Then Nisbet and Mauk (I’d say Mauk more so) held each other running into the box and I reckon Nisbet let go before Mauk went down. No VAR.

Then…takes deep breath…Ams tells Fielding to go back and look at a possible penalty when the Mariners are preparing to take a free kick.

I can not begin to express the depth of my frustration with the terrible refereeing in this game. VAR is supposed to be about howlers. Really obviously bad decisions that the referee missed or got egregiously wrong – not hairline dubious decisions.

All three, in my not so humble opinion, were totally wrong but the third was ridiculous. Kye Rowles dives in for a tackle and the ball probably comes off his leg – probably hits his head before his arm – but in any case the ball was going miles over!

And what was he supposed to do with his arms when diving in for a tackle? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – footballers aren’t river dancers!

Most importantly, the VAR is supposed to overturn a howler! The referee did not make a howler so why is the VAR getting involved?

Then a red after the final whistle for Kye Rowles? Insult to injury.

Fielding and Ams need counselling before being allowed to referee again.

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