Football is so much a matter of opinion. Everyone sees the game so differently that it should come as no surprise that one man’s Mooy is another man’s Milligan. And where are these differences most stark?

The fan forums.

Forums are all about expressing opinions, and while every opinion is as valid as the next, it can be interesting to read back over player threads to get an insight into that player’s journey.

Especially illuminating is the Tom Rogic thread on the Talk Celtic site. After some early ethusiasm, the fans began to air their doubts:

ILovetheCeltic - I think we should cast him aside for now to work on his conditioning, he's so stiff and slow and needs major work which he wont get if we keep him playing until the summer and then he goes off to rest. Can clearly see he's come from a lesser standard.

Oh Bhoy - is signing him just to boost shirt sales in oz?  A really average player it would be a really sad state of affairs if there isn’t better in the youth teams. He’s done f..k all in six games.

Metrobhoy – looks terrible IMHO.

Roscopicachu - I just don't see how he fits into the team. A wee loan in January with a view to moving him on is for the best i reckon.

Lecs - I don't really see the fuss about this guy. Hasn't done anything special when I've seen him.

Scrapper - don't think he'll make it with us tbh

Then came the dislike:

  McGuire1 - I had high hopes for rogic but I must admit I think he looks quite poor. Slow, doesn't like mixing it (tackling wise), wants too much time on the ball etc..

TheHolyGoalie - He started against Morton, what seemed like a nice, easy game to get him imbedded in the team and he was f..kin dreadful.

Metrobhoy - I watched this guy play for about half an hour and knew then he was a dud.

GMS - Waste of a wage if you asked me, he hasn't shown anything at all in his time here that he is worth a place in the first team. He was at best just above mediocre in his best performances for us.

Elephant Stone - I forgot that he existed. Pretty much sums up his Celtic career.

CelticBhoy17 - He's an Australian league quality player. Remember those idiots in the Australian media who said the Scottish league would be a step down for him etc and he was too good for Celtic.

Then the abuse:

McGuire1 - He's slow and shite, f..k him off.

But a change of manager and an end to the chronic injuries meant the fans started to notice his quality:

RegiBlinker - Impressive performance today. He has a great touch and awareness about him.