It’s not just his numerous goals, goal assists and significant passes in the lead-up to goals, it’s the whole package. The guy is a consummate footballer with outstanding touch and possibly the best vision I’ve ever seen in an Australian footballer.

At the risk of putting way too much pressure on him – I’ve not been so impressed with a young Australian footballer since Aaron Mooy at Melbourne City some six or seven years ago.

I’d go even further. The way Burgess looks – the way he moves – reminds me so much of Matt Le Tissier. He looks a little ungainly but has exceptional skill and scores a lot of goals.

Max Burgess - ungainly but giftedMax Burgess - ungainly but gifted

He may be 25 already but I would be amazed if he does not feature regularly for the Socceroos over the next few years, and if he doesn’t wind up playing in a decent Euro league then I am no judge.

Of course, Le Tissier could have played at a higher level but his loyalty to his home town club saw him called Le God at Southampton.

Burgess is unlikely to stay at Western United so get over it Western fans. Burgess is too good for our league, but that’s our reality.

We have little choice other than to accept we’re a development league (for now) and people like Burgess…or Mooy…or Tom Rogic…or Mat Ryan…are people we’ll only see at the beginning and end of their careers.

That’s the nature of Australian football.

For now, I’m just going to enjoy the talent of Max Burgess. He’s a cracking player and I really hope to see him play at a higher level overseas and for the Socceroos for at least another eight years.

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