When Bella first began her chemotherapy during the 2018 World Cup, one certain Australian favourite made a world of difference in her life.

With all eyes on the 2018 World Cup, Bella spotted one of Australia's best current players, Aaron Mooy, and instantly felt a connection.

Walking out to lineup for the Green and Gold, Bella noticed that like her, the Huddersfield Premier League midfielder also didn't have much hair.

At the time of noticing Mooy, Bella had just started chemo and lost her hair.

An Instagram post on Bella's account from Monday explained, "A while ago when Bella first started chemo and lost her hair she saw a World Cup player for Australia who shaves his head and was so happy because he had no hair like her.

"His name is Aaron Mooy."

Since the post, Mooy himself has recognised Bella's admiration.


Bella ❤️❤️ @little_flower_workshop

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Since the World Cup in Russia, Bella completed some research and now sports a full Huddersfield Town kit with Mooy's number 10 and name printed on the back.

A great story of how football is so much more than just a game.