Two Liverpool fans have gone viral after travelling to the wrong Belgian city to see the Reds play in the Champions League.

The pair made their way to Ghent, about a two-hour drive from Genk where Liverpool were set to play in the group stage of the Champions League.

The two supporters only realised they were in the wrong city just before kick-off when a waiter let them know of their mistake.

One of the supporters named Rob told Metro: "We took a taxi from the airport and drove past the stadium and said to the taxi drive, 'we are going there tonight to watch Liverpool', but he didn't say much."

"In hindsight that should have made us realise.

"When we were checking into the hotel, the person working looked at us a bit quizzically but it was only when we went out to a restaurant, the waiter was a Ghent fan, and he told us our mistake.

"We were absolutely gutted. By then it was too late - even if we had left immediately we wouldn't have made the match."

KAA Gent then invited the pair to see the Europa League fixture between the Belgian side and Wolfsburg in a bid to help out a bad situation.

This will teach any travelling fans to read up on their geography before making the trip on a European away day.ย