On the new 442FM podcast Hill – who this week launched his new book "Just A Gob On A Stick" – reveals the full devastating impact events could have on the sport over the next few weeks.

Unless Football Federation Australia can hammer out a peace deal with the state federations, club owners and the PFA over the set up of the FFA congress, FIFA looks set to step in and kick the governing body into touch.



Plus the future of Ange Postecoglou still remains uncertain beyond the next two vital final World Cup qualifier games against Honduras.

"We're in a situation that come December 1, which is not too far away, we could theoretically – and it's not inconceivable – we could be without a national team coach, we could be without a chairman, we could be without a board, we could be without a CEO," the veteran commentator warned.

"That's the worst case scenario. Obviously we hope it doesn't come to that...but on the top of that, we might not be going on the plane to Russia.

"If that was all to play out then we would have a pretty miserable Christmas."

He added though: "But hope springs eternal in this game and we've overcome so many problems in this game before.

"I hope that on the pitch the team reaches the World Cup which is of vital importance for the game's health in this country.

"In terms of the congress, I can't see a way out of it to be honest other than FIFA coming here and imposing their will on the game unless there is an 11th hour miracle or solution that's pulled out the hat.

"But to me, from the people I talk to, the two sides in the civil war are so far apart and the atmosphere is so toxic, that you just can't see any sort of resolution or compromise can be reached."


Hill added: "It should never have got to this stage.

"This all dates back to 2015 when we had a hereditary hand over of power, we had a hand-picked board and the clubs who if you remember just wanted one seat and was flatly refused.

"Ever since then they've been going further and further apart and it's unfortunate because if the FFA had the nous to say, 'Okay, let's have somebody as a representative on the board' and then this would never have happened.

"It just seems that logic at every step of the way has gone out of the window..."