And, yeah, it wasn't a bad effort...the ball from Lucas was pretty good too.

But Aussies are no strangers to a killer bicycle kick. Here are some of the best...


Mark Viduka's peak was probably the four he scored against Liverpool for Leeds United in 2000...but for a player often derided as big and ungainly, he showed poise and elegance with this bicycle kick against the Solomon Islands in 2005.

It was Guus Hiddink's first game in charge of the Socceroos and came in the final round of Oceania qualifying for the 2006 World Cup and deserved to win the World Cup in itself. Get in, big Dukes!


The A-League's seen a few overhead golazos too - like this one from the City sensation against Perth Glory in 2016.

The strike sparked controversy from some Glory fans over whether or not it was dangerous play to have his boot that high so close to the Perth defence.

But when it produces stunning spectacular goals like this, who cares about a minor bit of mild brain damage? 


Melbourne Heart/City CEO Scott Munn must have a special bicycle kick clause for his players as the club seems to specialise in them more than any other.

Here newly-signed defender Michael Jakobsen goes the full reverse inverted vertical to score just two minutes into his debut for Heart against Western Sydney Wanderers. What a great Dane.


Look, there is just so much to enjoy in this clip, not least Farina's spectacular looping extravaganza to claw Australia back into the World Cup qualifier against Canada in 1993.

Vidmar's hair, the absolute plague of future A-League coaches on the field, and not least, just off camera, the debut of a 20 year old keeper called Mark Schwarzer who was the penalty shoot out hero (the first of many times for Australia) which sent the Socceroos through to a final play-off against Argentina.



He's 35 here. THIRTY-FIVE, goddammit. That's football's equivalent of zimmer-frame age. He should be having a hot cup of Milo and a moan about the ABC, not throwing himself upside down and challenging gravity to punch on with him.

We should work out more. 


The one against China for the Socceroos in the 2015 Asian Cup wasn't his first, of course.

The Socceroos' greatest ever goal scorer earned Everton's goal of the season in 2007/08 with this effort, against Chelsea no less.

When you have the goalscoring record he does though, this might not even trouble his top ten of all-time. Hang on, we think we feel another feature coming on...


Nah, we can't believe he's on this list either, but there you go. Have a look at that. The big fella sends Newcastle Jets on the road to a 2-0 win over Melbourne Victory which only goes to show you how old the clip is...

To be fair it's more of swivelled hook shot than a full-on acrobatic hover-mode strike, but he's a big bloke and was 34 at the time.

He scored in almost identical fashion for Liverpool back in the day just to prove it wasn't a one-off. It was a two-off.


We saved the best 'til last. Matldas veteran Lisa De Vanna scored this blockbuster for her US side Sky Blue against Boston Breakers in 2013 and it's better for two reasons...

1) The Matildas show time and again they can do anything the blokes can do and better.

2) The US has even worse team names than the A-League.