On Sunday, France beat Croatia 4-2 in the final at Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium to lift their second World Cup trophy. Modric won the Golden Ball award, which is presented to the best player at each World Cup.

"We're very happy for Luka Modric, he has deservedly won the Golden Ball. He had a wonderful tournament, and the team deserve credit for that, as they helped him. Luka [Modric] has a lion share of the team's success, although we failed to win," Dalic said.

The head coach added that other countries should set global goals in sports.

"The inscription on our bus says 'Small country. Big dreams.' This is a message for everyone... This is a perfect sign for countries that are as small as Croatia. You can never stop believing. When we were losing 4-1, I didn't feel I was a loser," Dalic added.