On Sunday, three young women and a man dressed in police uniforms ran onto the pitch during the second half of the World Cup final and were immediately removed by the security and taken to a police station to fill in administrative offense reports.

Pussy Riot, a Russian punk protest organization and band, has claimed responsibility for the incident.

"To sentence Olga Pakhtusova to 15 days of administrative detention and prohibit access to official sports competitions for three years," Judge Diana Mischenko said, as she announced the verdict.

Pakhtusova along with Olga Kuracheva, Veronika Nikulshina and Pyotr Verzilov were charged with a "violation of spectator's conduct during an official sporting event." All four members of the Pussy Riot movement will also face charges for illegally wearing police uniform.

Russia's first-ever FIFA World Cup kicked off on June 14 and ended with a spectacular final at the Luzhniki Stadium on Sunday with France beating Croatia 4-2 to lift the World Cup trophy for the second time.