"This issue of the alleged espionage [in regards to South Korea] is over the top. Of course, there is a scout [Lasse Jacobsson], who keeps his eye on our opponents, someone went somewhere by mistake... We knew well what team it was and how they played," Granqvist told journalists.

The Swedish media reported earlier that scout Lasse Jacobsson spied on South Korea, Sweden's World Cup Group F rivals, during their closed training session in Austria. He is alleged to have watched them from the roof of the house that he had rented for that purpose.

Sweden head coach Janne Andersson has since apologized for the misunderstanding and said that Jacobsson did not know that the training session was closed.

Sweden defeated South Korea 1-0 in Nizhny Novgorod earlier on Monday through Granqvist's perfectly executed spot kick. Granqvist was later named man of the match.

Sweden will take on defending champions Germany and Mexico on Saturday and 27 June respectively.