"The biggest achievement... is that we've become a team... Nobody's been talking about anything apart from their contribution towards the team. And that's what allowed individual talent to do what we've done - we faced high-to-high to Brazil... there are many records that they [Belgium players] showed for their side... We played football that a neutral fan of the World Cup really enjoyed," Martinez told journalists.

Belgium beat England 2-0 in the third place play-off in St. Petersburg on Saturday.

"Today we stopped their [English] threat... What they [England] achieved is an incredible system that works really well for them, they've scored nine goals from set pieces, they... have got that threat," Martinez said.

The head coach praised his side's striker Romelo Lukaku saying that he had a "fantastic tournament."

"Romelo Lukaku had a fantastic tournament... Today, he's done incredible [job] to be in the starting lineup... He had a couple of knocks, he was carrying a little bit of pain, and he wanted to be part of the team, he wanted to help. I appreciate Romelo's mentality as a winner," Martinez said.

The 2018 World Cup will come to a close on Sunday, with France facing Croatia.

"France have accumulated a little bit of know-how and experience... Losing the Euros [UEFA Euro 2016] made them... resilient... They can become very hard to beat. Croatia is a story of an incredible nation... I think it's inspiring for anyone in the world - if Croatia can win the World Cup, you should be able to fight for your dreams... Whoever wins the World Cup is a worthy winner," Martinez said.

The final game will be held at Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium.