"France are the favorites. But as it's usually said, there are no favorites and outsiders at the World Cup.  In the final one needs to play, not to win. One should go [onto the pitch] with this kind of mood. I'm sure that Croatia will have this kind of mood," Mourinho said as quoted by the RT television channel.

He praised Croatia's lineup, saying that they were a "fantastic generation."

"There's a fantastic generation in Croatia now - [midfielder and captain] Luka Modric, [striker] Mario Mandzukic, [midfielder] Ivan Perisic. They have every chance to win. If the game drags on, Croatia will have fewer chances. But their combative spirit may help them win," Mourinho added.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup kicked off on 14 June and will come to a close on Sunday, with France facing Croatia in the final, which will be played at Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium.