Serbia lost 2-0 to Brazil in their final Group E match and missed out on their chance to qualify for the round of 16 after winning only one of their group-stage games.

"The organization of the World Cup is wonderful. I'm grateful to everyone in Russia - to people, to the organizers, to [Russian President] Vladimir Putin. What is happening here is incredible. Everything has been thought through to the last detail. I've seen lots of tournaments and this is one of the best. I'd also like to thank Russians for supporting Serbia players, we'll remember that," Milosevic told journalists on Wednesday.

According to the Milosevic, the Serbian team is still young and the World Cup gave the players some useful experience.

"Our team is young. Our players have given their everything. I hope we'll have a strong team in the future, everything will be fine. We've learned where we currently stand and what we need to improve," Milosevic  added.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup kicked off on June 14 and will continue until July 15, with the matches being played in 11 cities across Russia.