France beat Belgium 1-0 in St. Petersburg this morning to reach their third World Cup final, with Barcelona defender Samuel Umtiti scoring the winner.

"This victory goes to the heroes of the day, well done boys, you are so strong," Pogba wrote on Twitter on Tuesday night.

The young players of the Wild Boars football club and their coach went missing on 23 June, which was midway through the group stage in Russia.

They had strayed inside a 7km-long cave and got trapped inside after heavy rains caused flooding and cut off their route out.

They were found 10 days later by a pair of UK divers. The rescue operation lasted three days with the last boy and the coach being freed last night.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino had invited the team and their coach to Monday morning's final, but the children are unable to travel to Russia for medical reasons.

A number of football clubs, including Manchester United, Barcelona and Benfica, have also invited the young footballers and their coach to take part in their activities.