"It's pointless to look any further than [game] tomorrow. Maybe it's a trap we have fallen into in the past. When being ahead and feeling comfortable, [we] realized that some of this approach was not right. It's a different game tomorrow, We know how tough the opposition is, you can see how tight all of the knockout matches are," Southgate said.

When asked what he expects from Colombian side, Southgate explained that the Colombia's tactics will depend on how much space will be available to them during the game.

"It will depend on how much space we will allow [Colombia]. The teams they faced gave them different amount of space, and they played in different styles. They gave a very good performance in the game against Japan. And they punished Poland, when Poland gave them a lot of space. We have to make sure our work without the ball is spot on, because the Colombians can hurt you as a team. But that would be the same for every team we play at this stage of the competition. We want to control the game with possession as well. It's a very good test for our team," Southgate said.

England will face Colombia in Moscow on Tuesday.