Pickford was named the man of the match in Saturday's World Cup quarter-final as his side defeated Sweden 2-0 to reach the semi-finals, with Pickford keeping a clean sheet.

"Pickford for me is... a prototype of what a modern goalkeeper should be. The number of touches he has with his feet is exceptionally high... His speed around the ball today, the saves he made in critical times... his distribution... There were some excellent moments... He's able to play that way that I think we want to play moving forward," Southgate told journalists.

He also praised his team and their coaching staff.

"We've worked hard establishing a clear identity in the way that we play. We've got an outstanding mentality... There is humility about them [players] and recognition of... the different ideas that might help them get to where they are now. We've got super support, and I'm surrounded by good people in every department. I can't manage without their help and support. [They are] top people in terms of their skills... and excellent characters... I'm priveleged to work with that team," Southgate said.

England, who claimed their only World Cup title in 1966, will next face Russia or Croatia at Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium on Wednesday.