Uruguay, who beat Saudi Arabia 1-0 in Rostov-on-Don earlier on Wednesday, will go head-to-head with Russia on June 25 in a match that will decide who will finish top of Group A.

"Now we have the opportunity to play the World Cup hosts, play a team who have reached the playoffs, too, and who will be supported by a great number of fans. We'll try to put in improved performance against Russia," Tabarez told journalists.

The head coach made a number of substitutions in his side’s victory against Saudi Arabia, but added this was due to the players being tired, rather than any potential injuries.

"All the players were tired, and it was extremely hot today. We had trouble creating chances and were unable to score more goals. One goal is not enough to ensure victory. I brought on fresh players in order to try and score more goals. However, everything is fine as we have reached the knockout stage,” Tabarez said.