"It brings development for the game, this brings fairness - referees are human beings, they can make mistakes," said Parreira, who is now Parreira, who is now the Head of FIFA's Technical Study Group.

"I remember the final between Germany and Holland in 1974, in the first minute there was a penalty against Holland. If this was nowadays, if you come to the VAR, it would not have happened. Now everybody respects it, they know it works."

He added that VAR had already made a huge impact and it would continue to influence the development of football in the future.

The system has been used for the first time ever at a FIFA World Cup and influenced the outcome of several matches, including France's 2-1 victory against Australia, which eventually helped them finish top of their group and play Argentina instead of Croatia in the Round of 16.

This year's tournament will come to an end at Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium on Monday morning AEST, with France facing Croatia in the final.