The Macron strip will be worn for the first time in next week’s FFA Cup Quarter Final clash against Newcastle Jet and sticks to the state's red, navy, and yellow colour scheme.

But it also features an embossed horizontal diamond pattern on the front of the shirt, and slightly darker red stripes, while subtle, which create a unique twist to the club's traditional look.

A crew neck replaces a collar which is accentuated by navy and yellow trimming, as too are the outline of the sleeves, complementing the overall design.

For the league season the FFA Cup patch will be replaced by a Hyundai A-League badge, while the Championship star will appear above the club logo.

South Australia's piping shrike features at the top of the neck as does the club’s foundation year, 2003.

The shorts are red with blue trim, while the socks are also red with thin, vertical yellow and blue stripes.