Authorities took exception to the sponsor logos emblazoned on the back of the Honduran training kits, sparking a stand-off with the squad, officials and ground staff at ANZ.

The squad was banned from taking to the pitch while FIFA and AFC were consulted over the non-FIFA sponsors.

FIFA and AFC regulations insist all venues must only display logos from official partners and often results in rival firms adverts and logos being blacked out or covered up during matches.

Los Catrachos claimed no-one had told them and that the rules were different in CONCACAF.

The Honduras team was forced to warm up behind ad hoardings at one end of the stadium while negotations continued for around 15 minutes before the FIFA match commissioner finally gave them the go-ahead.

However they immediately then tried to close the training session to the press and public despite FIFA regulations that the first 15 minutes must always be open.

Another row broke out with the Honduran coach Jorge Luis Pinto berating the Australian press and trying in vain to force them to leave.

He claimed the 15 minutes of debate over their logos was the press window, while FFA officials insisted the clock did not start running until they took to the field.

The press remained until the 15 minute vision opportunity had passed and then left.

However there were reports of more late drama after the press left when a drone was said to have been spotted by the Hondurans flying above the Olympic stadium, sparking fears of an Australian spy in the sky.