Mitch Duke scored the opener inside five minutes courtesy of brilliant build up play from the captain. 

Scott Neville haunted his former club with a goal before Brad Inman rifled home a sensational finish to win the match. 

But VAR controversy once again follows the Wanderers wherever they go. It truly does stick around like a bad smell. 

Brisbane Roar hoist themselves into ninth position but the Wanderers remain dangerously close to the bottom two.


For years now we have complained about VAR. The explanations we get to convince us of its viability almost sound like political campaign slogans.

First it was 'clear and obvious', now we hear 'unnaturally bigger'. The thing about slogans is that people get tired of them very quickly. 

The positioning of Tom Aldred's arm when Mohamed Adam's shot struck his hand in the first half was dubious. 

Compared to Daniel Georgievski's handball last week that sent the football community into certain oblivion, the decision is baffling almost everybody. 

Every time we hear these slogans and cliches about the technology, supporters throw back the word consistency.

If Georgievski's was close enough for the referee to be called to the screen, supporters would probably feel comfortable if Alex King was called to the screen for Aldred's handball. 


Beating a team on the bottom of the ladder at home, even when you've been in the form the Wanderers are in, is a red herring. In these cases form almost goes out the window. 

It surely seemed like it wouldn't be a tough task when Mitch Duke scored his first goal since November in the fifth minute of the match. 

Brisbane's poor defending cost them once again, but it was successive defensive errors from the Wanderers that let them back into the match.

Patrizk Wiegler was sidelined when Brad Inman scored the eventual winner, but Western Sydney are seriuosly struggling with defensive errors and positioning. 

It was a match between two teams that aren't just fighting for points, but coherence and consistency. They are unbelievably desperate for it, and it's a precious commodity for both. 


The Wanderers winger's intelligence and quality tonight shows he should have been picked for the Olyroos tournament to qualify for the Olympics this month.

The squad holds commendable levels of creativity with Reno Piscopo and Ramy Najjarine in the squad. But Would Adam's ability be better suited for Arnie than say a player like Nick D'Agostino? 

D'Agostino plays as a centre-forward or secondary striker and may offer a different kind of play going forward for Australia, but Adam has played much more football than the Perth attacker. 

He'll certainly be on the hunt for a spot in the Olympics should Australia qualify.