3: Defensive block rock solid

Kurto, Durante, Gulum, Chapman, Hamill, Aspro, Calver, Risdon and Vujica.

If the key to successful sides is building from the back first, then United are onto a winner with this mean defensive block of options.

As City coach Erick Mombaerts conceded after the game, United can be a very difficult side to open up when they play five across the back.

4: Gobby Gulum sets the tone

The 32-year-old Carlton-born Turkey international Ersan Gulum can get a bit chirpy out there.

United needs a vocal presence, someone to keep the team on the edge - whether they like it or not - and let the opposition know they mean business.

The defender will stir up the banter, harangue referees and there’ll be scuffles and perhaps red cards as a result of his approach.

But Gulum will be vital in keeping Rudan’s intensity levels ramped up to 11 on the park.

Just a pity Berisha isn’t still with Victory - their battle would be something to witness.

5: Central striker signing needed

Scott McDonald plays off a central striker, that's when he's at his best. 

Max Burgess is an up and comer like Apostolos Stametelopoulos. And Valentino Yuel may have four in four (mostly against NPL opposition), but Rudan needs a big, experienced focal point.  

And you can’t read too much into Yuel’s goals, though it’s been a good start for him and it’d be nice to see an NPL talent break through.

That said, United could use a big, experienced and potent central attacking presence.

Someone who can play with his back to goal, go short and link up, but is also able to make forward runs and is clinical in the box.

One who can get into double-digits this season and finish off the work - and be on the same wavelength in the final third- as playmaker Kone and attacking midfielder Diamante.

A Roy O’Donovan or an Andy Keogh type striker would do nicely.

The search continues.

If United can find a striker who fits this bill - and they’re frantically searching - this could be a very good season for the men in green and black.