We were all seeing Red right from the kick-off, as Apostolos Stamatopoulos put in a breakthrough A-League performance, only to get sent off all within the first half for trying to break Mandi's leg...

After that, Wellington Phoenix struck back in the second but with goalscorer Cillian Sheridan up-top were still missing a little firepower.

All in all, the 3-1 result leaves Adelaide even with Wellington on 37 points each as the race for fourth place hots up.



Two assists, multiple stretching keep-ins, a goal-line clearance...I've said it time and again this season, but Galloway's the most-improved player in the A-league this campaign.

Week after week he's a dynamic, forward-bombing player down Adelaide's right side who's capable of incredibly accurate, looping crosses. 

He can also hit a cracker from range, although not nearly often enough. At 23-years-old the former youth Socceroo can expect a national team call-up at some stage if he keeps playing his cards so, so right.