Does Lionel Messi need help with his pick-up game? Perhaps he doesn't wear deodorant and dresses like a tramp? 

Argentina's Football Federation has obviously identified a few issues among their World Cup staff, releasing a manual to players, coaches and journalists with advice on how to pick up Russian women.

And you thought FFA's cock-ups were bad...

Included under the heading: “What to do to have a chance with a Russian girl" was the sort of quality advice you'd expect from an 100-year-old governing body.

“Make sure you’re clean, smell good and dress well," said one passage.

“Because Russian women are beautiful many men only want to sleep with them...the advice is to treat the woman in front of you as if she is someone of value."

"As if" apparently a necessary addition to that section...

"Russian ladies like men who take initiative," the passage continued. "If you don't have confidence in yourself then you need to practice speaking with many women.

"Normally, Russian women pay attention to important things, but of course, you will find women who pay attention to material things.

"On money, if you are attractive - what do you tell them? Do not worry. There are many beautiful women in Russia and not all of them are for you. Be selective."

Surprisingly, rather than generate waves of appreciation for Argentinian football's 'creepy old man vibe', the resulting outrage forced the federation to release a statement, apologising for the pamphlet. 

"We regret that this mistake has overshadowed the importance of the day," the AFA said. "(We are) expressing our sincere apologies to those who were affected by the publication."