The world is going into lockdown as the Coronavirus spreads.

The A-League is one of the rare professional football competitions across the globe carrying on and not shutting down, with games this weekend played at empty stadiums with no crowds.

Murray says it remains a strange and confusing time for everyone, but his team are just thinking about knocking off Melbourne City on Friday afternoon.

"It's a very confusing and weird time, no one's ever experienced this before," the striker conceded.

"I think we're just trying to stick together through this and get it done as quickly as possible. It's going to be very weird playing in front of no crowd this week but we're just looking to try and bounce back from last week's defeat.

"It's definitely an advantage having a home crowd, but it's an experience that we're not going to know what it's like. But we know our fans are going to be watching on TV and have their full support watching.

"It will be a weird time for all of us."

Central Coast have not won a game since late December, when they defeated Adelaide United 2-1 and are eager to end their losing run.

"The main focus in the camp at the moment is just to get the job done and try and pick up as many points as we can in the next couple of games," Murray said.

"Things are chopping and changing by the hour - we can't help that.

"What we can help is the results on the park and the games that we do play."