FIFA and AFC representatives are visiting Australia this week to continue talks over FFA's standoff with other organisational bodies in Australian football.

Discussions are expected to focus on the issues of congress seat-allocation and the balance of power.

This comes after the last round of talks, where FIFA said they would impose a normalisation committee, before falling back on their word and allowing FFA to continue the negotiation process.

FFA recently announced their intention to make A-League expansion by 2019/20 a priority this year, however AAFC chairman, Rabieh Krayem, was "surprised" this statement made no mention of a second division.

"There's no doubt expansion and a second division come hand in hand," Krayem told AAP.

"The work we're doing at the moment will ensure it stays a priority."

Krayem will have his chance to further AAFC's ideals when FIFA and AFC representatives meet the game's key stakeholders this week.

FFA CEO, David Gallop, told 2GB Radio that little would be accomplished immediately. 

"This visit is more about establishing a process ... to really look at what everyone recognises as the way forward, which is a bigger congress. It won't be overnight in moving to that," Gallop said.