Glory have previously drawn crowds of upwards of 38,000 in the west when they’ve hosted the NSL Grand Final and with early reports of member pre-sales of over 15,000 on Monday morning, the hosts are set for another bumper crowd.

“The FFA have listened to us and they’ve priced a family of four at $98,” Sage said.

“You can’t get that at the AFL, you can’t get that at the rugby, so it’s fantastic the FFA have done that.”

The club will also enjoy the benefit of not facing off against rival codes with major drawcards – namely AFL clubs Fremantle and West Coast – playing their matches earlier in the weekend.

“No Eagles, No Dockers, beautiful sun-shining day, it won’t be hot, it’s predicted to be in the high teens,” he said. “I’ve got faith in West Australians that more than 40,000 could turn up.

“You’ve just got to look at the Chelsea game, there was plenty of atmosphere at that game when virtually there were only three or four thousand hardcore Chelsea fans.”

Sage confirmed the club have also had talks with Optus Stadium management ahead of this weekend’s decider, with the onus on avoiding previous issues that flared up during the pre-season friendly against Chelsea.

Before the end of the first half of that match, a large portion of active support members left the ground after drums were confiscated and complaints were made by spectators nearby about their chanting.

“This year the drums and all that will be allowed this game,” Sage confirmed.

 “We’ve had meetings already and we’ve just told them, the active area is the active area.”

Sage is no stranger to the unique, passionate support that the Shed brings to home matches and stressed that everything would be done to ensure everything would be done to ensure a quality active support experience whilst maintaining a family-friendly atmosphere.

He added: “If there are families and that nearby they’ll need to be put on the other side, or told that this might get a bit raucous, as you know The Shed likes to belt out their tunes.

“All the people buying tickets in the surrounding areas (who may have complained during the Chelsea game) will be told before they buy their ticket that this is an active area.”