The SA publication reports that Djite is being wooed by the SA Liberal branch to run for state parliament, after Djite's strong off-field track record since retirement.

The Liberals are reportedly after Djite to stand for a marginal Labor seat, Badcoe, in the hope his national profile and media savvy can help them break a deadlock.

The seat is held by just 2%. Djite confirmed that senior members of the party have approached him to run in 2022, calling it "very accurate."

“I wouldn’t rule anything out," Djite told InDaily, saying talks were “nowhere near that level of political discussion with anyone within the party”.

“People have an interest in my future, and what I want to do… I know Rob especially takes a keen interest in my future and what I want to do [and] there’s a number of different talking points that have been suggested to me, but it hasn’t been [as specific as ‘run in Badcoe’,” Djite said.

“Everyone’s looking at the boundary redistribution [the final report is due in November] and seeing where they land… there’s a lot of marginal seats out there and there’s some good incumbents.”

“I’m interested in policy, I’m interested in helping the community,” Djite continued.

“What I value the most in my current role [at United] is how much I get to go out and engage with different communities.”