Australia travelled to Honduras for the first game of the intercontinental play-off, with the second leg set to take place in Sydney on Wednesday. 

While the result in Central America was a 0-0 draw, it is seen as a good result for the Socceroos. 

A win in Sydney will send them through to the World Cup in Russia in 2018, but Sheahan was not impressed at all. 

“I thought Saturday’s event was rubbish,” Sheahan told SEN Breakfast.

“I couldn’t believe what [the game of world football] served up in Honduras. It was played on a cow’s paddock, no goals were kicked, and if there was a highlight I missed it. The best player, Tim Cahill, was sitting on the bench and not playing.

“How do you have an event where your aim is to not win it?

“It’s just to hold them to a draw. It’s not about goals? You go across the world to not win a game of the sport.”

FIFA allocated each nation around $250,000 for travel costs for the play-offs, with the Socceroos electing to choose a charter flight from San Pedro Sula to Sydney via Honolulu, while Honduras decided to travel commercially. 

But once again Sheahan was confused with how travelling to different countries for sporting events works. 

“If this code is as big as it is, and it’s hard to dispute that, the Hondurans are coming out in a cattle truck and the Australians came home in first class," he said.

"The AFL wouldn’t do that. Why wouldn’t FIFA get involved?”