The powerful 195-cm striker, formerly of Brisbane Roar and Newcastle Jets, currently lives in trendy Port Melbourne, a popular spot for many professional footballers. 
There, the 23-year-old can be seen training almost every day at a local pitch with his South Melbourne teammate Daniel Clark.   
Other times, you may see him training clients one on one - albeit from a safe distance - also at the park. 
Sawyer has also entrenched himself in the Zoom training world boom, giving clients around the world PT classes online (his Insta is @harrisonsawyer_pt). 
Throw in a business degree, which he’s nearly finished, and as the big man says, life in lockdown is busy. 
Sawyer in action for South against Heidelberb
“With the exception of games on the weekend, I”m probably just as busy as I was before, if not busier,” Sawyer tells FTBL. 
“This period will definitely put a line in the sand for those who are committed and those who aren’t,” he explains. 
“I”m training like an in-season training load. I don’t want to lose any sharpness. 
"And I’m working on things I wouldn’t normally have time for in the season. 
“I train at a football field near my house with one teammate, and we train every day except for Sunday. 
“It’s good that he’s committed too, like me. It’s a full-time load of training. 
“I trained this morning, doing running, sprinting and shooting, I’ve done some gym plus personal training classes on Zoom, which is all the rage, and got in some study. 
“For Sunday, I do a Pilates session, which helps with core strength and recovery because obviously, we can’t have massages. 
“I’ve even jumped onto Air Tasker because my flatmate does it too, and I did some random landscaping jobs last weekend! 
"So I’m keeping busy, but always sanitizing, I’ve gone through a tonne of hand sanitizer for the equipment, while keeping my social distance. 
“I’m always eating avocados from Coles, so I have to wipe them down with Dettol wipes when I buy them because everyone touches them. 
"That’s incredibly important right now to be safe.” 
Sawyer during his title-winning season in Hong Kong
Living with one of his best mates, former Brisbane based Ajdin Fetahagic from South's rivals Heidelberg, Sawyer puts aside any enmity as he works on life outside of football. 
What's more, the former Hong Kong Premier League and Philippines based striker is thankful he’s living in Melbourne during the COVID-19 crisis. 
Sawyer could’ve been living in lockdown in Bangladesh. 
Before signing with NPL outfit South, he was flown to Dhaka to meet with a club that wanted to pay him big money to ply his trade in the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL). 
His reputation is strong in Asia after success in recent years, first with Philippines outfit Davao Aguilas.

He banged in the goals there where he was coached by Aussie Gary Phillips.

“Harry was a total pro. He’ll go a long way,” Phillips told FTBL recently.

This was followed by a title-winning season and double-digit goals tally with Tai Po in the Hong Kong Premier League last year. 

“But it wasn’t for me… a bit too rough for me to be honest," he said of the mooted Bangladesh move.  

“It’s good being in Australia when this [coronavirus] has happened. 

“And I’m really happy to be at South Melbourne. Such a good bunch of guys, a young team and so committed. 
“Good facilities and fanbase. 
“We all took seven days off in pre-season to have a training camp in country Victoria. 
"That shows how committed all the boys are, with some taking annual leave.”
With football in limbo, Sawyer is keeping in the best possible shape while working on the rest of his busy life. 
He added: “I”m just trying to make the best of a bad situation, I guess.”