This is one of the key messages as he launched his election manifesto for the AFC Presidency in Dubai on Monday.

China's Zhang Jilong has held the role on an interim basis since June 2011 when former President Mohammad bin Hammam was removed from office.

Jilong has decided not to run for permanent election and as one of the front-runners for the post, Al Serkal is projecting a positive vibe.

"Well I am confident I will be getting enough votes to win the race. I will not give out any numbers now so I don't give any indications to my competitors, but I am very confident that I will win."

Another organisation with influence in the region is the Olympic Council of Asia, and while Al Serkal recognises the importance of the body, he hopes the voting remains as transparent as possible.

"Unfortunately this time, there is interference from the OCA which is unfortunate, there are trying hard to influence the voting but I believe the family of football would like to always to be independant."

Al Serkal will face competition for the role from Sheikh Salman, the head of the Bahrain FA, Dr Hafez Al Medlej of Saudi Arabia and Thailand FA President Worawi Makudi.

The new AFC President is due be elected on May 2 in Kuala Lumpur.