The former EPL star’s 11 goals in 15 games has seen Le Fondre not only scale the scoring charts but has also guided  the Sky Blues to a top two position in the A-League.

Le Fondre spent a decade playing in England for various Championship teams but his season in the EPL playing for Reading was the highlight with goals against powerhouses like Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United.

Half way into his first  A-League campaign  the 32-year-old revealed that Sydney FC play a better brand of football than some of his previous sides teams.

“Here you have ball retention based football,” he said. 

“Whereas in the Championship depending on what team you played for, like the teams I played for in recent years, we weren’t really a ball dominate team. We crashed it forward.

“As a player it’s nice to fit in a system here which is more perfect for me.”

The Sky Blues win over Wellington last night was their fourth win in succession and Le Fondre is relishing the opportunity to be with a club that is challenging for the title.

“We still have a long way to go,” he said. “I want to score more goals and I want to win things.

“That is probably the main reason why I came out here was to win trophies. I’ve not really had the opportunity that much in England to do that.

“Obviously when I was in the Championship I did that with Reading but no other opportunities have really presented themselves for me.”

Le Fondre also took time to praised the standard of the A-League as a whole.

“I have been surprised,” he said. “The standard is a lot better than what I thought it would be.

“Without being disrespectful, when you are coming from England and you are looking over here you think it’s not that great the standard.

“But when I came here I was very surprised, the talent level here is brilliant. I was obviously pleasantly surprised.

“There are really good footballers here and I don’t think it’s dropped off that much with where I’ve come from.

“I was buzzing to see that I’ve been proved wrong with my pre-conceived mindset and that it wasn’t a drop over.”

Despite adapting to the A-League quickly, Le Fondre also known as ALF, found the hard playing surfaces a challenge.

“To be fair, the worst pitch I played on was one of the first competitive games which was against Avondale,” he said.

“It was literally like a car park. We went into extra time and at the end of the game I was getting cramps everywhere on my body and I was thinking, ‘Wow, what have I let myself in for here?’.

“It was one of those situations but once I starting getting my fitness up after a long pre-season it was much better.”