Aloisi’s Roar are one of six A-League clubs with only one marquee player on their books and are known to be frugal with their on-field spending.

“There’s four or five other teams that spend a lot more than most others,” Aloisi said.

“Forty per cent of the payments to players is outside the salary cap overall.

“A marquee player for another side is on $3million, which is virtually our whole salary cap. How is that an even league?

“It’s not, so get rid of the salary cap.”

He added: “The salary cap was about trying to make sure the clubs stayed afloat.

“Now the clubs have been around long enough they should know what budgets mean and how much they can spend.”

Chris Nikou took over this week as the new Football Federation Australia (FFA) chairman and Aloisi called on him to lead the changes.

“We’ve got a new board and FFA who have to think about what’s best for our game in the future,” the ex-Socceroo said.

“The equalising part of the league is a finals series. So if clubs want to spend more than other clubs, no problem, I’m all for it, but clubs have to realise we have to do it in a different way.

“We have to produce young players, make sure our academy is good, we have to bring through young players so bring transfer systems back in so there’s money coming into the clubs that focus on that.

“We lose a young player whose stayed with us for three years because we can’t keep hold of him.

“If we produce a young player and another A-League club want to come get him, there should be a transfer for him.

“That’s how we create revenue. It happens all over the world.”

Aloisi claimed the current system led to a failure to adequately develop young players due to a lack of opportunities.

He also called for immediate expansion, wanting two new clubs for the 2019/20 season to add to the opportunities for Australian footballers.

“We need to start producing more players,” he said.

“The way the A-League is set out, it’s very hard to produce players because everyone thinks every team has an opportunity to win.

“Every coach and club is trying to win it. How are you going to give a young player 10 games consecutive.

“Jobs are on the line.”

Speaking about expansion, Aloisi said he’d loved to see another club in Brisbane, although no Queensland clubs have made the final FFA expansion shortlist.

“I’d love another team in Brisbane, to be honest,” Aloisi said.

“It’d create another local derby. It’d be brilliant for Brisbane Roar and football in Brisbane.”