After Australia produced a dominant performance in the 0-0 draw against Honduras in the first leg in San Pedro Sula, Postecoglou slammed the Honduran media in his post-match press conference.

On the day of the game, local newspaper La Prensa produced the headline "Eight million against 11 Kangaroos" on the front page. While in the lead up, Honduras legend David Suazo described the Australian style of play as "simple.”

After the match, Postecoglou said that kangaroos can play football and the comments made about the Socceroos were disrespectful and the talk about the simple game plan was the team’s motivation.

But Paz has hit back at Postecoglou’s comments and said the Socceroos boss needs to relax.

“The coach has a lot to worry about with all due respect,” Paz said speaking to FourFourTwo.

“I tried to talk to him at the hotel where the Australians stayed, and he was really disrespectful with the Honduran media. He didn’t let the Honduran media talk with their players during their stay in Honduras besides the FIFA obligated press conferences.

“I know what headline he is talking about and that didn’t seem offensive. It’s all the country against 11 players. We were all were one, cheering for the team and again I don’t think that was offensive.

“Regarding David Suazo I don’t think there is a player in Australia that has the football curriculum of David Suazo, so I think he can say pretty much say what he wants about this team. He earned it.

“And the coach, maybe he should think about his next team Rangers. He’s not having a good time with the team and he looked tense, really tense during his stay in Honduras.”

Leading up to the first leg, Tim Cahill’s appearance on the TV show The Project almost created an international incident when Peter Helliar suggested there were comparisons between Honduras and “ISIS”.

But when the veteran striker arrived in the Central American country his charm offensive with Honduran media and fans diffused the situation and Paz said Postecoglou can learn from Cahill’s actions.

“All the players were really awesome and cool with the press,” he said. “They talked with everybody.

“Tim Cahill won hearts here in Honduras. When people went and asked for autographs he obliged, he thanked the people on Instagram. The players were really nice but the coach was tense, he should calm down.

“We would like to send the coach another impression about Honduras.

“He misunderstood a lot of things about the culture and he should relax more and live the game. At the end of the day, you are playing football and you are entertaining people and that’s what it should be and that is for both sides.”