“If nothing else this will reignite what’s really important - the things you’re really passionate about - because sometimes with things like sport and football, which is such a passionate game, you can lose track of why you love it so much. That joy of being in a stadium and playing the game, whether you win, lose or draw. Just that experience. We’ll all appreciate it once it’s all back up and running.”

On top of managing the load that comes with competing in a compressed domestic season, Postecolgou in 2020 will also be tasked with delivering to Marinos something that the club has never accomplished: progression out of the group stages of the Asian Champions League.

Three times in the past have Marinos found themselves competing in Asia’s premier continental club competition in the past but each time, the most recent being in 2014, the club has failed to progress to knockout football.   

But Postecoglou, being Postecoglou, isn’t content simply with targeting a progression beyond Group H of the 2020 iteration.  

“I want to win everything I'm in,” he told the-AFC.com.

“That’s the nature of the beast. I really like my team to play a particular kind of football and then success comes from that and the AFC Champions League is going to let us see how that stacks up against the other teams in the region. Can we do it away from home, in different countries and in different conditions? That’s the challenge.

“You want to win everything. I’ve had success in my career because everything I’ve been in I want to make sure the teams I coach are successful.

"The AFC Champions League is no different. It’s a chance for us to showcase what we do and show that the way we play our football can be successful in a different environment. And when everything gets up and running that’s what I’ll endeavour to do.”