After showcasing a new playing system in the 1-1 draw against Iraq last week, Postecoglou received criticism for employing the new 3-4-3 formation during crucial World Cup Qualifying games.

But last night’s 2-0 win over the United Arab Emirates went some way to validating the new tactics and Postecoglou said the discussion around his new formation would’ve been different if he was an overseas manager.

“Maybe if it was a foreign coach we’d all sit back and say what a genius he is, he’s coming up with new ways to challenge these guys,” he said.

“It seems I’ve been held accountable for what I said I was going to do this week and that’s the bit I struggle with.

“I’ve sat here for three and a half years and I haven’t changed in anything I said I was going to do. I expect to be held accountable for what I say and the kind of football of what we want to play.

“But you know what? What I’ve found from day one, is that I will not talk down to our players I will not speak to our players like they are not as good as somebody else just because they are not Australian and I certainly not going to sell short our coaching staff and the way we work.

Postecoglou said he was happy his new tactics had created a dialogue around formations.

“I’m just glad people are talking about systems,” he said.

 “It’s great. We don’t talk enough about football in this country if nothing else I’ve initiated some debate which is great.

“From our perspective, we just keep doing what we are doing and keep evolving our game and making sure that every time we are in camp we progress a little bit more, and we challenge the players and we found that when we challenge them they respond and they responded again tonight.

“I thought the performance was strong, I thought we worked awfully hard and put them on a lot of pressure.

“I thought some of our football was bright and I thought we maintained that and in the second half and should’ve scored a couple of more goals. I’m pleased for the players they really stuck to the task tonight.”

And while the Socceroos dominated the UAE for long periods, there were moments when the 3-4-3 led to Australia being exposed down the flanks.

Postecoglou said no formation can stop opponent’s from attacking you.

“If somebody’s got a system out there that stops opposition from doing anything, I think it’s called the 11 against nothing,” he said.

“You know what? “It’s a game of football you’ve got to try and score goals which we did, we created a number of opportunities which we probably should’ve scored from.

“The opposition are going to create some opportunities. I thought our defensive work was outstanding tonight when we needed Matty Ryan to sweep we he did it.

“If people want the perfect system it’s probably their hot water system at home, it ain’t a football system.”