Speaking to Les Murray as a special guest of the Australasian Football Institute fundraising event in Sydney last week, Postecoglou revealed he would leaving the Socceroos job after Russia 2018.

Postecoglou signed a five-year contract just before the 2014 Brazil World Cup where the Aussies performances against Chile and Holland received world-wide acclaim.

The Socceroos aggressive, possession based approach led to Australia capturing the country’s first football silverware for senior men’s football, when it won the 2015 Asian Cup on home soil.

But after the next year's World Cup Postecoglou said he would be looking for his next challenge.

“Yes absolutely. Whatever happens. Hopefully at least another 12 months and then that will be it. I’ll move on,” said Postecoglou.

“10 years ago, I couldn’t get a job. 10 years later I’m in the top job in the country. Who knows where I’ll be in ten years.

“What I have done is always left that open and I’ll see what opportunities there are and I’ll try and put myself in that situation and challenge myself.

“I want to coach overseas at some point and this is a good point as any.”

After four consecutive draws during the final phase of Asian World Cup qualifying, Postecoglou’s methods started to be questioned, but a 2-0 home win over UAE has Australia back in line to qualify for Russia 2018.

And the Socceroos boss said he wants to leave a legacy that is more than just about being content to be at World Cups.

“That’s the whole plan,” he said.

“Some of that is a little bit of my control because again I get a sense that people have short memories about what I’m trying to do and we are trying to do with this current group.

“The whole talk (after the UAE game) was about why we might not qualify and people all of a sudden got a bit nervous and wanted me to contract and play safe.

“I’m not going to do that because what I remember in 2010 in South Africa at half-time we were getting smashed by the Germans, and we didn’t care that we qualified.

“Four years ago, we qualified and a month later we got beat by Brazil 6-0 and again that’s not what people want for our national team. I’m not just going to fall into this trap of just qualifying.

“My intent is to qualify but it’s to qualify playing a certain way. I hope when I’m gone that is what people’s expectation are.”

With three games left on the road to Russia against Saudi Arabia, Japan and Thailand Postecoglou’s is no doubt that Aussie fans should book their tickets for the 2018 World Cup.

“Yes absolutely and we’ll qualify strongly,” he said.

 “We’ll qualify in a manner where people will be looking forward to the World Cup, and when we go to the draw, it will be other teams that will be looking to avoid us.”