APIA announced the signing of brothers Sean and Joshua Symons on Thursday via Facebook, and used the post to take aim at other clubs in the NSW NPL.

The official posting on social media immediately began to rip into fellow NPL clubs over approaching their players while APIA competed in the NPL finals series. 

Other clubs were accused of having "no morals or ethics" and labelled an "utter disgrace" by the APIA official. 

The post read: "In the past few weeks the entire APIA squad has had many of our players being approached to move Club's.

"Mega destabilsation from a number of other Club's, who have no morals or ethics. These Club's have been an utter disgrace, showing absolutely no respect, whilst the Club had been battling during the NPL1 PS4 semi-final series and the National Premier League series. 

"We say shame on you, for your utter lack of professionalism. The open cheque book policy, and whatever it takes does not and will not always work."

The post continued: "Your behind the scenes treachery to date has failed miserably and will continue to fail miserably. 

"One Club in particular promotes on their Facebook page that they have the best youth players and set-up in the country. Guess what? They have not signed one solitary youth player, all fluff and a pitiful propaganda agenda, that obviously fools no one. 

"It is amazing the number of patheric charlatans floating around, certain Club's approaching our players who do not even know what the player even looks like, and incredibly never even seen them play. But if APIA win the League, that is where they think they need to go fishing. 

"The club has had an unprecedented attack on our playing squad, and although it all may be legal, it clearly shows how pathetic and poorly administered and managed they are."