He believes the overhaul of Australian football which led to the end of the National Soccer League and Soccer Australia left a vacuum in player development.

And it meant there was a sudden gulf in talent between the Golden Generation of the 2006 World Cup and the current crop of budding Socceroos stars.

But Graham Arnold is convinced the introduction of the National Curriculum almost a decade ago will see a surge in talented youngsters breaking through soon.

"I ask anyone here, if you had a business and you shut it down for seven years, how long would it take to rebuild?" said Arnold.

"I went and watched an under 17 camp the other day for the Joeys. I saw 70 kids aged 15 and 16 and I saw stuff I've not seen in Australian football for those kids coming through.

"The kids are now coming. Those kids in the Joeys were three or four years old when the national curriculum started."

He added: "I'm so excited about the future. They will come - it's a matter of giving them the opportunities.

"I know the FFA has spoken about [A-League] expansion and expansion is coming. We are doing everything right to make the opportunities right for the kids.

"We need to be patient. We talk a lot about the immediate. For me it's, about the future as well..."