Reports on several websites have Arnold saying that FFA chairman Frank Lowy told him “in no uncertain terms” he was out of a job after the July tournament but reports of his departure seem to be greatly exaggerated. Sources quote an interview conducted with our sister magazine in Korea.

“I don’t know where these quotes have come from,” says Arnold. “I spoke to a Korean magazine about my situation and it looks like a classic case of lost in translation.

“I’m an honest guy and I’ve always said that Mr Lowy has been honest with me about my situation. I’m realistic about what may happen after the Asian Cup but at present there has been no confirmation that I will not be the coach of the Australian team after the tournament. At the moment my efforts are concentrated on winning the Socceroos their first major international trophy.”

In an interview that will appear in the upcoming edition of Australian FourFourTwo, Arnold speaks openly about his position, even going so far as to say that if he won the Asian Cup and then was replaced, “I can’t go home and cry and say that’s unfair because they’ve been open with me since day one.”

However it seems reports that Arnold is “100 per cent” going to be replaced are off the mark.

For the full story, make sure you pick up the August edition of Australian FourFourTwo, out Wednesday July 4.