Daniel “D10” Capallero is an Australian representative futsal player and renowned freestyler who has travelled the world promoting football brands and demonstrating his jaw-dropping skills to astounded audiences, even getting an unlockable character known as "D10" in 2012’s FIFA STREET video game.

Courtesy of beIN Sports and LaLiga, the Aussie baller was invited to the season’s first Catalan Derby as a LaLiga Experience influencer alongside legendary commentator and former player Ray Hudson, American freestyler Daniel Got Hits and former Canadian international Kaylyn Kyle.

“I absolutely loved the LaLiga Experience,” the Western-Australia native says.

“I think my favourite experience was getting involved with Viva LaLiga (a Spanish TV programme) and also the chance to meet Ray Hudson, whose commentary I’ve always listened to and whose stories I’ve heard from when he played against George Best and Pele when he was in America.”

Asked to describe LaLiga football in three words, Daniel didn’t hesitate:

“Technical. Tactical. Pure.”

He explains:

“My favourite player of all time in LaLiga is Ronaldinho… he had everything: tricks, flair, touch, control, passing. He completely changed what football was at that time.”

The Aussie freestyler also named Phillipe Coutinho as his current favourite in the Spanish top-flight:

“I love the Brazilian players and Coutinho has the tricks and is super skilful. His touch on the ball and the goals that he can score are unbelievable.”

Discussing the Australian players he’d like to see in LaLiga, “D10” named Daniel Arzani and Aaron Mooy, before presenting a curveball of his own:

“I think it would really suit him (Arzani); he can dribble, he’s very quick, very skilful, very attacking.”

“Aaron Mooy would be fantastic as he fits the mould of a Xavi, Iniesta, Rakitic-type of player. His passing, first touch, control of the ball and his ability to read the game is first class.”

“Dario Vidosic. He’s currently at Melbourne City and has played in Germany. I think he deserves a chance!”

Rounding off the interview, Daniel summarised his feelings towards the Spanish game.

“If you love football then you’ll love LaLiga.”

“It exemplifies the game of tactics, guile and mental aptitude, and the way that even if you’re 5’4” and 60 kilos you can beat someone who his 6’3” and 85 kilos because the game is not about the contact. It's about the technical ability with the ball and the tactical prowess. If you’re smarter, you can succeed.”