Based on Neymar's experiences of playing football in Brazil, the Neymar Jnr's Five Tournament is hosted across six continents and 60 countries.

Two Australian teams are set to take part in the world final - held in Brazil - in July.

The men's side, Victorian-based 'Slammers' and women's side 'Adelaide Comets' progressed through an Australian qualifying stage to earn their chance at taking out the tournament. 

Slammers captain, Jack Fogarty, said the all-expenses-paid trip to Brazil still hadn't sunk in.

“Coming into this we just wanted to improve our skills and we have come home with this. It hasn’t really sunk in as much as it’s going to over the next couple days," he said. 

“It’s unreal really, I have never been to Brazil and none of the boys have either.

“I honestly thought it wasn’t going to happen… my heart was racing in those final moments”.