UNWNTD FC, an upcycling brand created by two Brisbane-based brothers has just released its first collection – with a second collection already in the works.

The collection features 10 designs – each of which is a football kit or piece of sporting apparel reworked into a custom tote bag or unique mashup jersey.

“The first collection really looks into the story of upcycling,” said Kevin Chan – one half of UNWNTD FC.

“We want to showcase that an unwanted football jersey can still live a second life through a new design.”

Driven by a desire to counter the effects of fast-fashion and reducing landfill, the pair got to work investigating how to rework and make use of their own extensive kit collections.

With no design qualifications (they both currently work in Marketing), the brothers consulted designers and tailoring experts about what could be done.


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UNWNTDFC was the result; a label and a design service dedicated to making products that bridge the gap between football and fashion, while reducing waste and landfill from old garments.

Kevin Chan said: “Our ultimate vision is to inform the football community on the benefits of upcycling.”

“It’s never been more relevant – hopefully we can get more people on board with the movement and some of the big players in the industry will realise that this concept can be promoted on a larger scale.”

The brothers have a life-long love of the game; they both played since the age of six and have spent time working in the football industry.


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Shop the first collection on Etsy or DM @unwntdfc on Instagram for a one-off piece made from your own kit collection.