In the outside chance that this match was any of our readers' first taste of World Cup qualification, let us assure you that no, you haven't been missing anything. 

A half-baked Socceroos squad - slightly annoyed at being pulled away from the glamour of their burgeoning European seasons for a sweaty night in Kuwait - listlessly rolling over the top of an Arab nation ranked the wrong side of 150.

This was as good as the first round of qualifying gets.

Not to say Kuwait are easy beats, of course. This is, after all, a team that only a couple of months ago beat Premier League club Aston Villa in what is one of the stranger (and probably more expensive) ways of preparing for an Asian World Cup qualifying campaign.


Pic special: Kuwait vs Australia

Check out the action from the Socceroos' 3-0 win over Kuwait on the first step towards Qatar 2022.

We're just saying the Kuwaitis would have done themselves a little more justice had they spent a little less time in Birmingham rubbing shoulders with Jack Grealish, and a little more time on the training park practising clearances.

But you don't care about the Kuwaitis! You're here to play the spot the difference between a team that beat Kuwait 4-0 last October and the nearly identical team that beat them 3-0 this morning.

We hope you have just as much fun dredging the relevance as we did. 


Mat Ryan - 8
It's heartwarming to know that he doesn't just save the acrobatics for seagulls and Seagulls fans in Brighton, but is alert enough to get the gloves dirty after 60 minutes of ball-watching when a Kuwaiti pops a rifle from 30 yards.

Phenomenal whenever called upon.

Rhyan Grant - 6.5
Committed the cardinal sin of fullbackery in the first half by sprinting up the pitch only to get caught offside, before promptly getting caught by his marker taking a breather on the other end, nearly costing Australia from a set-piece.

Confused his defensive duties a little with Milos Degenek as well, but we're nitpicking. Fairly solid after that.

Aziz Behich - 7
Competing with Gael Clichy (blast from the past) hasn't seemed to do any damage to Behich, who had one of the more confident, exciting performances than we've seen in quite a while.

If you're going to play second fiddle Aziz, might as well do it to a world-class left-back rather than some Dutch upstart at PSV, we reckon.

Trent Sainsbury - 7
Quite a straightforward day at the office for Maccabi Haifa's newest signing, who was low-key even by his own inconspicuous standards. Perfect prep for Europe's lowest-key league.

Milos Degenek - 6
Unnervingly spun in circles by his Kuwaiti opposition a few too many times for our liking. Hopefully can settle back into life in Belgrade, because when he's at his best he's desperately needed to settle our own backline.