It's not every day you get to meet a World Champion let alone travel on a train full of Manchester United players, it's even rarer that you don't even recognise the football stars.

One Australian couple has gone viral after bumping into Paul Pogba and his Manchester United teammates without even realising it.

Their son, E-Sports commentator Nate Patrick, a football fanatic has gone to Twitter to tell the story of how his parents got Paul Pogba to take a picture of the two.

Clearly not sport-fans themselves, the Australian couple were getting a bit annoyed by a game of Uno that was getting quite loud on the train from Manchester.

The two Uno-loving passengers offered to take a photo with the couple in a way of an apology, what transpired is hilarious!

If you read through the Twitter thread you'll see the hilarious messages between Nate and his parents, as Nate slowly descents into madness over the events transpiring.

However, it seems Nate's parents were unfazed by their encounter with some of the world's best, moving on to share photos of more important things.

It goes to show, you can be one of the most recognisable faces in sports and some people will still be oblivious!