Hakeem Ali AlAraibi - a refugee and footballer who was granted asylum in Australia after fleeing Bahrain in 2014 - has been detained in Thailand and faces extradition to Bahrain over alleged vandalism.

There were demonstrations outside the Thai consulate in Victoria today, with fears that Ali AlAraibi's "life would be in danger" if he were extradited to Bahrain, at the official request of Bahrainian authorities.

Amnesty International campaigner Diana Sayed told ABC News that "Hakeem will not be safe until he is back on Australian soil.

"Hakeem's life will be in danger if he is deported to Bahrain," she said.

"As a recognised refugee with approved travel documents he should never have been detained.

"We are pleased to hear reports of the Red Notice being lifted, but despite this the Thai authorities continue to detain him.

"Thai immigration must release him now and allow him to come home to Australia."

AlAraibi was granted refugee status after claiming he was tortured in Bahrain and is based in Melbourne, but says he travelled to Thailand after Australian authorities assured him his refugee status ensured he was safe to travel.