The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that Morrison wrote to the Thai Prime Minister, calling for Al-Alraibi's return to Australia, citing that the matter was of personal importance.

Al-Alraibi's detention in Thailand, at the request of the Bahrainian government, has sparked a rallying cry from the Australian football community, with SBS pundit Craig Foster recently drawing nominative support from FIFA in demanding Al-Alraibi's release.

The Bahrainian national, who was granted asylum in Australia following allegations of torture in his homeland, faces extradition to Bahrain from Thailand.

Al-Alraibi has previously said he received confirmation from Australian officials that he was safe to travel to the Asian nation under his Australian refugee status.

“I don’t know why Thailand holds me. Where are my human rights? Why am I here? I am just a footballer, I am young, I don’t know why they keep me," Al-Alraibi told Fairfax from the Bangkok prison where he's currently held.

“I have to be strong, I miss my wife, I love her, two years ago we were married. She came to Australia because of me.

“I want to have a family. I am thinking about my wife all the time. I want children, we want children, I am 25 now, maybe when I am 28.

"Please Australia, keep fighting for me. I pay taxes, I play football, I love Australia. Please don’t let them send me back to Bahrain."