Western Sydney Wanderers are ninth in the table with a dismal home-and-away record, having lost four out of four matches at Allianz Stadium, with a similarly desperate tally at Spotless Stadium.

But the former German international is intent on retaining a positive frame of my mind, taking another opportunity to praise the A-League's competitivness, in particular highlighting the lack of a standout club. 

“The table is the one side, the other is to see how they play, which style they play, and I think if we bring our performance on the pitch, they will have a problem with us,” Babbel told a-league.com.au

“This is what I like in Australia: There is not a Paris Saint German, not a Barcelona...everyone can beat one another. 

“The pressure is on them because everyone’s expecting a win from them, so we have nothing to lose.

“If we show our performance, I’m very confident we can get a result.”

A trip to Perth may be just what the doctor ordered as Babbel attempts to re-energise his squad, while blooding in a new recruit in Kwame Yeboah and new starting fullback in Tate Russell. 

“I’m very happy for Tate (Russell), Kwame (Yeboah) — you have to think he was training with us two or three times, that’s it, and now he has to start,” Babbel said.

“I hope he’s adapting quickly, and of course we have to know also that he can’t play 90 minutes because he’s not 100 per cent fit, I think he showed what he can do.

“He’s a big talent, in the future he’ll definitely help us, and I hope for the other young guys who are maybe coming in that they can also perform, they’re not too nervous.”