Wanderers play their first match in their new Bankwest Stadium home on Saturday with a friendly against Leeds United, but 48 hours out for the game there are still plenty of tickets left.

Billboards pushing the game have gone up all around the city and even Deliveroo are offering 50% off ticket prices to select customers in a bid to bolster sales.

Australia's first Safe Standing area still hasn't sold out either, despite only being for 1260 fans, with club members being offered the chance to buy four tickets each for the special active support area.

Today Babbel appealed for Wanderers fans to get behind the team and make the new Wanderland feel like a fortress.

"Of course we need our supporters," he said today. "If you play a strong side like Leeds then you need help from from the stand and I hope the game is sold out.

"This is special, to have a home ground now because before it wasn't easy – not only for us, but for the supporters to bring an atmosphere. If you [lay in big big stadiums it is very difficult to create an atmosphere.

"Now there is now excuses, also for our supporters. We want to show a good performance."

There's a question mark over the debut for new keeper Daniel Lopar who was missing from this morning's training through illness with doubts over his availability on Saturday.

With Vedran Janjetovic also out with a shoulder injury for six months, Wanderers may ave to fall back on reserve keepers Jack Greenwood, Danijel Nizic or Nicholas Suman for the match. 

But Babbel insisted other new signings like Radi Merjeski, Ryan McGowan and Pirmin Schwegler were ready to shine who had already settled into the side "perfectly", he said.

"Really good players, really good character," said Babbel. "I think they will help us to have success because the last two seasons we were not happy with the finishings.

"The boys are working very well. At the moment we can do everything that we want but there is a long time to go."

With four visa players signed – and Patrick Ziegler's Australian citizenship still to be finalised – Wanderers have limited options on more visa signings.

"We're still looking for players who can help us," the German veteran admitted. "It's not so easy to find the right ones.

"But we're still working and if we can find the right one,  and this is the most important thing, he also want to come to us. They have to want to come to us because we are a special club.

"We have perfect conditions here. We have a top training ground here. We now have a top stadium. 

"I only want players who identify 100% with Western Sydney Wanderers."

He added: "We have had luck. We have already signed top players.

"But of course we are still looking for them and if we can identify one who can help us and if it's possible, we will we will sign them."