Janjetovic helped rob his side of three vital points against Brisbane Roar last weekend when he needlessly gave away a last second corner which ended up in the back of the net to level the game at 2-2.

The brain explosion came soon after he was sent off for inexplicably handling the ball outside his box against Sydney in last month's derby.

Now his boss has backed the 31 year old as still being his number one choice to wear the gloves – but warned him to shape up or face being replaced by the up and coming talent on the bench.

"Maybe he was too sure because he had signed a long contract and felt comfortable," said Babbel after training today. "Maybe the pressure from the other goalkeepers wasn't there.

"Now it's time to get out of the comfort zone."

He added: "There is a young fellow there, he is doing well and is a big talent and we're not afraid to make changes.

"But it is only up to him because he is a good goalkeeper. He is our number one, so now it up to him to show us he can work on this in the future.

"'Can I handle this pressure, can I work on this deficit that I have?' If he can do this then there is hope for us. If not, I know there is a young one there and he is also good..."

Babbel admitted he had spoken to the keeper after the game and demanded he show his character to make up for the mistake.

"I said to him, 'You can fall down, but what I expect from you now is that you stand up'," said the German veteran. "It wasn't the best decision but even then it wasn't a goal.

"We still had a chance to clear the ball but someone else did a mistake as well and it cost us two points.Β It is a learning process, to learn how to handle the pressure."

He added: "He's a goalkeeper, he's a good guy so now it's up to him to work a bit harder, more focus on the games, and you will see that he mistakes will not happen again."